Gleb Glonti is a person behind several projects like Bred Blondie, Kotä Records, Experimental Music and Art Expo and various amount of acts that happen in Russian music scene and cultural field. All projects express author's strong interest in modern society, social engineering and general study of co-living of human beings on the planet Earth. Artistic approach is often based on creating an infrastructure that generates certain processes for obtaining an eligible results, sonically it often sounds as musique concrète collages.

Among recent works we can point out this release on Cyland Audio Archive (CAA) imprint ( , a sound
work made with label-mate Brinstaar for their long time friends graffiti artists 0331c and ГРИША for their sculpture exhibition in RuArts gallery (it's on Kotä) and this work for Geometry Of Now festival in Moscow (video bellow).
Releases by Kotä
Gleb Glonti. Thoughts on collective sensory deprivation. Geometry of Now. Moscow, 2017.
Gleb Glonti, Brinstaar for 0331C, ГРИША – "3016"
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