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Spectral Bridge

Spectral Bridge

One day I've been messaged by nice people from Electroautomatica project. They invited me to collaborate with Georgy Dorokhov on his bridge performance.
Georgy Dorokhov (11.04.1984– 01.02.2013, composer)
Georgy made the score to play on bridge strings. I have recorded this performance and made my own version, featuring the bridge sonographic representation.
The Bridge

Zhivopisny Bridge literally means "Picturesque bridge". It's a cable-stayed bridge that spans Moskva River in north-western Moscow, Russia. It is the first cable-stayed bridge in Moscow. Total length of an S-shaped deck exceeds 1.5 kilometers, including a 409.5-meter long, 47-meter wide main section running 30 meters above and along the centerline of river Moskva. The main pylon is a 105-meter high arch across the river, carrying the weight of deck through 78 cables we played on. This UFO-looking central part should be a restaurant but looks abandoned at the moment.
Photo courtesy of Vitaliy Raskalov
Performance: Exposition-XI (2012) by Georgy Dorokhov

This composition need to be performed by striking cables of the cable-stayed bridge with wooden or metallic hammers. Minimal performers count is 4, maximum is not limited. Starting point for performance: equal number of performers on each side of the bridge, moving in opposite directions. Every performer moves slowly but naturally from cable to cable. On the way one should strike the cable 1–3 times without stopping. Performer decide how many strikes cable receives if any. Strike strength should be neither too hard nor too weak, it needs to be natural. Performance is started when first cable is struck. There is no meant syncronisation within performers. If there is decent amount of performers, they should act like this: first performer starts from first cable on his side and when he reaches next cable, second performer starts his way and so on. Performance is ended when last performer strikes last cable on his way. Duration depends on performers count and their speed.
Photo courtesy of Vlad Chizhenkov
Brinstaar's Rendition:

I've found 3d model of the bridge to get a side view of cable part.
Metasynth was used to convert this image to sound. After that I've mixed recorded cable strikes at the points where spectral bridge is touched by playhead.
The Result
It's is the same track as above the article, just in case if you didn't click "play" there
Also you can check out the video made by Electroautomatica:
Video was presented at Ex-Libris Cafe at 06.12.2012 and followed by live improvisation performance with Georgy Dorokhov. Here is the recording:
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