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Solo Operator is the project of Alexander Serechenko, which, in his turn, a project of experimental scientific enclave of Moscow city which is Zelenograd. The pioneer dwellers of Zelenograd city was the best scientists and architectors of Soviet Union. And their children and their ideas and the ideas of their children, to main extent, sculptured Alexander's scope of interests. At the age of 7 (at 1989 year) he's got his first personal computer and started to obtain the very first programming skills, at the same time going to a musical school. Just at the juxtapose of these aesthetic and rational areas of interest we see the first signs of his future developments.

At the beginning of 00 there come taste to world experimental scene, free-jazz, saxophone and home DIY-sound recording. At the same time Alexander is studing MEPHI institute to learn cryptography and information security. But in the future, the scientific activities come all collateral, because there no room for any personal expressions, but musical development become the main point and getting almost all free time.

Starting from 2009 year, Alexandr is participating in several musical collectives, like "Wrist" and "Magical Unicellular Music", active member of ADMI ensemble. This activities lead to combination of technician and musician vision, which was developed into media-art and science-art projects: glitch-game musical video Computer Hero for the DECODE exhibition, interactive audio installation P2P for the Polytech.Science.Art Week 2014, generative musical release RANDRONE.

At this point SOLO OPERATOR project is the center of all this. The saxophone is the main source of sound, extended technique audio material, which is aligned into composition by means of programming of changes of sound, their repetition and distortion.
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