Сон камня (Dream of Stone) is a soundtrack made by two Kotä artists for our long-time friend's exhibition of granite sculpture. 0331c and Grisha (the artist behind Silk Saw album illustrations) did this sculptures, and we did this soundtrack which was playing in the gallery all the time trough the exhibition.
In their work Brinstaar and Bred Blondie started out from the most obvious thing: the work of the artist with the stone. Just as well as the artists, taking into account the shape of a piece of granite, not overcome it but interact with it, and as a result it becomes a co-participant in subsequent works, the same is in the audio accompaniment: sound "theme" of granite is connected with musical "theme" of stone carving.
Brinstaar Explanation
"I took the composition of granite, with which operates 0331c and Grisha, and broke it down into elements. There turned out about 12 compounds that enter into the composition of the stone in different proportions.
Granite chemical composition
The spectral lines of emission of each element correspond to the spectrum of the sound of drone loops.
Oxygen emission spectrum mapped to audible frequency range
The modulation amplitude of the sound is dependent on the percentage of the element in the stone."
In such a way appeared "drone", gradually changing sound that we hear. When this part was finished, there began work on the sound directly of the creation of sculptures and consolidation of sound.
Bred Blondie Explanation
"0331C and Grisha use different pointing chisels, which emit different tone. At the same time we can hear different rhythmic patterns during carving as well, not to mentioning a range of overtones which can be heard after the strike, which forms not only the conceptually comprehended transmission (sound portrait of the artist's work on a stone), but also interesting to listen musically. I was interested not only in "strikes", I recorded separately a noise of various types of interaction of pointing chisel with a stone, which reflect the preparation before the strike, it can be even seen as action of artist's admiring the stone."
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Brinstaar + Bred Blondie
Mikhail Myasoedov
Mikhail Myasoedov
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