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Burstbot Statement

Burstbot will be substantially more compliant and stable than current robots, and will take advantage of new developments in materials, fabrication technologies, sensors and actuators. Applications will include autonomous or semi-autonomous tasks such as composing music and make human interaction at a larger scale.

Burstbot was originated by Marco Fierro, Mexico City-based musician, art director, designer and photographer.

Burstbot is all about been amazed by life itself and try to translate it into music. Although the project initially started as a computer based music project now Marco's main goal is to explore permanently on sound and music: this includes making music with diverse traditional and new instruments, field recordings and computer software and/or hardware.

Marco's Biography

For the last 25 years Marco has been playing through a myriad genre shifts and musical accomplices. He has been making music by playing drums with grindcore, death metal and punk bands most of the 90's. Then in this new century he got interested into free improvisation, drone, noise and ambient by starting to experiment. He taught himself to play synthesizer, making it his main instrument.

Member and co-founder of Stalaktos which was nominated to Ars Electronica Prix on 2015. Member and co-founder of Oblique Quartet with multi-instrumentalist Ron Anderson, bass player Carlos Fierro and drummer Azael González. Member and co-founder of Satán en Ácido with synth player Eduardo Lara. Besides Burstbot he also has another solo project called Gvvld.

Marco did live performances in festivals and sessions like Festival Aural, Festival Nrmal, Cha'Ak'Ab Paaxil, Ars Futura and Los Grises Fest. He's played, shared stage and/or collaborated with several musicians or bands including D.R.I., Kevin Drumm, Mika Vainio, Markus Popp, Doomsday Student, Pete Swanson, Brujeria, Punch, Moe, Erreopeo, Gabriel Lauber, Trash Talk, Apocalipsis, Nazareno El Violento, Terror Cósmico, Jaan Patterson, Reed Evan Rosenberg, Rogelio Sosa, Mario de Vega, Itzam Cano, Arcangel Constantini, Ivan Abreu, Tana Barbier and Lisa Gervassi.
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