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WOLFFFLOW is an experimental electronic music project by Roman Golovko. From the beginning of 90th Roman is pioneering his path through various genres and bands to the point in 2015 at which he focused on free improvisational electronic music with experiments in sound synthesis and sound deformation, field recordings and audio collages. Since nearly this time his collaboration with Kotä has begun.

ROMAN GOLOVKO (Moscow, Russia)
Interdisciplinary artist, sound-artist and experimental musician. Focused on sound sculpture and spatial installations, improvised electro-acoustic music, sound-art performances, experiments with sound deformation and deconstruction, concrete music and field recordings.

Participated in many solo concerts and festivals, for example:
— Shelter / Suoja (Helsinki, Finland)
— Experimental Music & Art Expo (Moscow),
— Electromechanics XIII (St. Petersburg),
— Gamma Festival / Artification (St. Petersburg),
— Kotä Records Showcase 2018 (Basel, Switzerland),
— CyberFest 10 (St. Petersburg),
— Soundscape (Nikolo-Lenivetz),
— Burning Man Decompression (Moscow)

and others.

Author of the performance INTERSTITIAL Body Sound Image in collaboration with a video artist Antonin De Bemels (Belgium) and modern choreographer, researcher of contemporary dance practices and performanceist Florence Augender (Belgium/France).

Collaborated with the media art laboratory CYLAND.
Participated in several group exhibition: Artification (St. Petersburg-Peterhof), Opening Siberia (Tobolsk, Moscow), Experimental Music and Art (EMA) Expo 2016 and 2019 (Moscow), Useless Experience 2 (Moscow), WinzavodOpen (Moscow).

His sound-art installation, art objects and performances has been exhibited in places such as MMOMA Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Alexandrinsky Theatre (St. Petersburg), New Space Theatre of Nations' (Moscow), Theater Center for Drama and Directing (Moscow), QuartaRiata Residency of Arts & Technology (St. Petersburg - Peterhof).
Releases by Kotä
Dance: Florence Augendre
Music: Roman Golovko
Video: Antonin De Bemels

MMOMA (Moscow Museum of Modern Art), 13.04.2019

INTERSTITIAL is a proposition of improvised audiovisual performance. It takes shape in the mutual, responsive listening of the moment. Supported by a simple yet filled with possibilities setting, a changing pattern of light, sounds, images and movements, is weaved according to our interactions. There is no pre-existing material, whether in video images or choreographic phrasing. Images are created through the manipulation of small light sources and a video camera connected to a video projector. The music builds from sounds captured during the performance, or other sonic textures created and transformed live with the help of modular synths. The dance births itself from the close examination and the combination of all these elements, and from everything that circulates through and between our three bodies at the moment.

We are working on the idea of «interstice»: a gap, or a span, this very space in-between sounds, bodies, images, in between everything that is constituting us as living beings and constituting the world surrounding us. In those interstitial spaces circulates energy that connects us together, that enables us to communicate, and that keeps us in touch with our very own self as well. In this oscillation, where the relationship to our body and imagination fluctuates, how do we come closer to or move away from our human quality? And if our boiling heart could be touched, unveiled, as a simple matter, how do we stay sensitive to the friendship of things? And how memory could be weaving from instant to instant the remembrance of presence or absence?

INTERSTITIAL is based on the importance of sensibility. It builds itself on various movements - the movements of the bodies, of the sound and light waves, of the flows and ebbs of energies – and establishes an intimate communication, beyond cultural and geographic differences. What will be created in real-time will manifest itself through the alternation of concrete and abstract expression, made possible by a consenting and fluid passing between all the senses, like a three voices ode.
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