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It is two live shows in this release. The first one took place in 2014 when Brinstaar had a gig at very nice building of Latvian National Library where Rostislav Rekuta held his Space Textures festival during the big parental event White Nights in Riga, which takes over all town with a bunch of events. We jumped in just in the very last moment by the event of occasional talks over the Internet and good fortune and eventually we've become the part of the very nice experimental music community centred in Riga and people which now after these years are our nice friends and colleagues. Which is partly what the second piece is about. It is a live show which took place 2 years later in 2016 during one of the friendly visits of kotä crew to Riga. This is collaboration of Bred Blondie, which in Latvian transcription was Breds Blondies and Rotislav's project Sound Meccano.

To celebrate this friendship and joy knowing each other we release this compilation of live shows under the name of "Riga". In both there is a connection to the place and this particular period. We were lucky enough to record the organ of the Riga Dome Cathedral a couple of days before the gig in 2014, so Brinstaar used this sounds in the concert (at the end), along with some contextual sound recordings with the fountain ambience and soundscape of playing kids which were recorded day before in Kuldīga town (thanks, Gosh!). And Breds Blondies was using field recording samples collected from visit with Brinstaar, and the unique samples from 2015 year of life, which he never used since then and Rostislav is playing with sound textures and synths.
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Mikhail Myasoedov, Gleb Glonti, Rostislav Rekuta
Mikhail Myasoedov
Mikhail Myasoedov
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