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Wherever we are, what we hear is mostly noise. When we ignore it, it disturbs us. When we listen to it, we find it fascinating.
John Cage
We have decided to release a series of live recordings in special celebration of our 20th release and share the joy with the incredible people we have around us.

The release compiles a set of contemporary Russian composers that work in the field of experimental music and support the domestic scene. The Russian scene now is experiencing a boom in experimental practices, so this is just a small selection of musicians that were involved in kotä event that took place in Moscow over seven days in 2016, in seven separate Moscow museums and music venues.

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Cassette Box Set
Five clear plastic cases with transparent casettes packed in the slipcase.
Limited edition 50 copies.
Tape 1
Side A:
01 Vlad Dobrovolski + Michel Klimin
Vlad Dobrovolski is a sound artist, who has been influenced by improvisation in contemporary art. In the early oughties he released a music collage and impromptu recordings under the Fitz Ellarald moniker under the Tokyo-based Amorfon label. His sound includes elements of ambient, experimental, electro-acoustic, new age and contemporary music. To get his low droning sound and supporting improvisation, he often uses vintage Russian analog systems. For EMA Expo, Vlad created a special piece dedicated to the issue of drowning. Vlad was accompanied by Michel Klimin, who put his adeptness of words and literary aesthetic on display.

The recording was made live at Electrotheatre Stanislavsky on the 29th of October 2016.

More on Vlad Dobrovolski: dobrovolski.net or kotaerecords.com/artists/vlad-dobrovolski.
Side B:
01 S A D + Bred Blondie
S A D is made up of two men, Vlad Dobrovolski and Vasiliy Stepanov, a duo that address the issue of aesthetic and acoustic comprehension in music. They let the will of chance define the borders of their experiments, using this approach to drive their inspiration. Vasiliy and Vladislav use their own recordings, including sections of previous tracks, as well as unreleased records, field recordings, and anything on hand. The duo arrange the recordings in an unpredictable manner that gives their output a fresh touch. Sometimes for their live shows and recording sessions they collaborate with Bred Blondie (BB), who is doing his own research into collage music, using field recordings, various ready-made samples, and sounds from stories on Instagram, which he calls: "ready-made concrete music." Both S A D participants and BB share a common desire for the place of chance in their music, which fruits in totally unplanned results in their collaborations.

The recording was made live at Electrotheatre Stanislavsky on the 29th of October 2016.

More on S A D: soundcloud.com/5ad5ad5ad.
More on Bred Blondie: soundcloud.com/bredblondie.
Tape 2
Side A:
01 Alexei Borisov + Benjamin Skepper

02 ::vtol::
The collaboration between Australian born, Japanese multi-instrumentalist and cello virtuoso Benjamin Skepper, and Alexei Borisov, a prominent figure in the Russian experimental music scene since 1980, started one year ago in Moscow. The musicians met in an artist squat, performed some concerts together, and are considering a studio recording of their sonic collaborations. The duo’s music combines free improvisation, live electronics, and acoustic sounds.

The recording was made live at Vadim Sidur Museum on the 20th of November 2016.

More on Alexei Borisov: alexeiborisov.bandcamp.com.
More on Benjamin Skepper:

This special performance for EMA Expo multichannel night was a rare one-time production by Dmitry Morozov, a prolific and well-known Russian media artist, musician and engineer, working under the: vtol: moniker since the mid-oughties. Morozov developed a special interactive controller that consists of four rotating disks, which artists used to alter a sound panorama divided into ten channels, and affect the parameters of sound synthesis.

The recording was made live at Cultural Centre Come-In 6th of November 2016.

More on Dmitry Morozov: vtol.cc or kotaerecords.com/artists/vtol.
Side B:
01 Lovozero
+ Kira Weinstein

02 Kasich
Anastasia Tolchneva (Lovozero) is an active force in the current Moscow scene, who is involved in numerous multi-disciplinary projects, ranging from electromagnetic experiments to underground dance performances. Kira Weinstein has extensive experience in Russian indie-pop and rock circles, but is currently re-imagining her oeuvre in favor of sound art deviations, coding, improv ambient, and outer-boundary collaborations. Together the women have crafted an impeccable buoyant stream of sound that is equally traditional and fresh.

The recording was made live at MARS Centre on the 25th of November 2016.

More on Lovozero: lovozero.bandcamp.com.
More on Kira Weinstein: soundcloud.com/kiraweinstein.

Sergey Kasich is Russian DIY sound artist, founder and curator of The Moscow Sound Art Gallery SA))_ gallery and Moscow Sound Art Studio SA))_studio.

In 2015, Kasich was a member of the international jury for Prix Ars Electronica in the category of Digital Music and Sound Arts, he also produced the Russian Sound Art Showcase for Ars Electronica Festival 2015, the first ever collective exhibition of Russian sound artists outside the country.

The recording was made live at Cultural Centre Come-In the 6th of November 2016.

More on Sergey Kasich and Sound Artists Community: soundartist.ru/kasich, soundartist.ru.
Tape 3
Side A:
01 Dmitri Kourliandski +
Dmitri Kourliandski and Andrey Guryanov make up the KGXXX, which was formed in Moscow in 2016. Mostly an improvisational act, the duo utilizes instruments and constructions native to electronic dance music to develop a minimal, yet highly articulated sound, which they call open dance music. Focusing on the informational purity of music and evolving its inner content, the duo creates a dense and perceptual sound extended over long time.

The recording was made live at MARS Centre on the 25th of November 2016.

More on KGXXX: kgxxx.bandcamp.com.
Side B:
01 Brinstaar +
Marcus Myasoedov + Nikita Oleinik

Brinstaar has begun performing with his son, which is a good thing. Young, at literally just seven years of age, Marcus Myasoedov brings spontaneity and a fresh touch to every live performance in which he participates. It may not be obvious at first sight, but Marcus plays a major role in the show, sometimes leading with a synthesizer, which he patches in himself. While behind the scenes his father helps him put the chords together, the choice is always his, which is combined with a percussion set designed by Marcus. Brinstaar supports the act on every other level. A final touch to this performance came from Nikita Oleinik who was meditating from the first second to last on a giant subwoofer in the middle of the performance and when Nikita finished his inner practices, at which point the group all stopped playing at once.

The recording was made live at MARS Centre on the 25th of November 2016.

More on Brinstaar: kotaerecords.com/artists/brinstaar. More on Nikita Oleinik: nikitaoleinik.bandcamp.com.

Tape 4
Side A:
01 Wolffflow
Wolffflow is an experimental electronic music project by Roman Golovko. Since the beginning of the 1990s, Roman has been pioneering his own path through various genres and collaborating with various musical groups. In 2015, Roman began focusing on free improvisational electronic music, with experiments in sound synthesis, sound deformation, field recordings and audio collages. Shortly after Roman began his foray into the genre, his collaboration with Kotä began.

The recording was made live at MMOMA on the 30th of October 2016.

More on Wolffflow: kotaerecords.com/artists/wolffflow or soundcloud.com/wolffflow.
Side B:
01 Andrey Guryanov

02 Solo Operator / Multi-Operator

Andrey Guryanov, a musician, sound artist and cinematic sound designer, lives and works in Moscow. Andrey is prolific at creating sounds for video art, theatrical productions, and installations. He is interested in improvisational music and performance practices, and minimal and generative electronic music. Andrey an author of many interesting sound conceptions for theatrical and cinematic plays directed by such masters as Boris Yukhananov, Andrey Silvestrov and new blood directors like Daniil Zinchenko and others, as well as installations and numerous musical collaborations, such as Lichna Nega with Felix Mikenski and the KGXXX duo, which also includes Dmitri Kourliandski.

The recording was made live at The MARS Centre on the 25th of November 2016.

More on Andrey Guryanov: facebook.com/andrey.l.guryanov.

In Multi-Operator, a co-performance by Solo Operator (Alexander Serechenko) and its audience. Alexander explores the theme of active participation from the audience in the process of his music composition. The listener is a co-author of the piece alongside the artist himself, who puts his spin on what he hears, listeners create live.

Alexander says: "In Multi-Operator the concept I’m looking for is a conversation. I let listener to be part of the process. Using their phones, they can connect to my loop station and record and play loops from their cell phones. In this interactive performance, I (a saxophone player) create different unconnected melodies, abstract sounds and noises, and the listeners choose what to record, what to reproduce, and how to reproduce it."

The recording was made live at Stanislavsky Electrotheatre on the 29th of October 2016.

More on multi-operator: facebook.com/multi.operator.
More on solo operator: facebook.com/solo.operator.
Tape 5
Side A:
01 Alexander Senko
Alexander Senko was born in Moscow and graduated from The Gnesins Institute with a degree in sound engineering. A composer and sound producer, Alexander runs the Acoustic Images laboratory, which researches and produces interactive installations. Alexander’s interests include visual programming language Pure Data, electronic and electroacoustic music, sound art, and audio-visual interaction. Some selected exhibitions and performances from his resume include:
● "9th Festival International De La Imagen", Manizales, Colombia ● "Pure Data convention", Weimar, Germany ● "PIKSEL[X]", Bergen, Norway ● "Prepared Environments", Moscow, Russia ● "FILE 2014", Sao Paulo, Brazil ● "(h)ear XL II", Heerlen, The Netherlands ● "Radical dB" festival, Zaragoza, Spain ● "The Engine Room" sound-art exhibition, London, UK ● "Ars Electronica 2015", Linz, Austria ● "MADATAC 07", Madrid, Spain.

For multichannel night at EMA Expo, Alexander Senko gave a live show on 10 channels,
which has since been transformed into stereo recording.

The recording was made live at Cultural Centre Come-In on the 6th of November 2016.

More on Alexander Senko and Acoustic Images: acousticimages.net.
Side B:
01 Brinstaar
Brinstaar is a project from Moscow-based artist, musician and designer, Mikhail Myasoedov. Founded in 2006, Brinstaar employs a spontaneous and improvisational approach, whether working on recorded tracks or playing live performances. Involving a huge entourage of instruments like guitars, modular synthesizers, shaman whistles, Jew’s harps, harps and toys, Brinstaar creates vivid soundscapes ranging from chaotic noise and warm, ambient melodies to structured rhymes and heavy guitar feedback. Each performance has many unexpected surprises, even for Brinstaar himself, as everything is usually orchestrated on the go, with no preparation. Brinstaar is also a co-founder of Russian label Kotä, which focuses on pushing the boundaries of avant-garde music.

The recording was made live at Cultural Centre Come-In on the 6th of November 2016.

More on Brinstaar: kotaerecords.com/artists/brinstaar.
Release date:
Mastered by:
Mikhail Myasoedov
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